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AOF x Pepsi

You won’t find a football fan who didn’t have some form of love for the Pepsi 2002 jersey. Donned by a team of football stars, the likes of Beckham and Roberto Carlos, it marks a statement piece for icons of the game. 

So when the AOF team reimagined it in 2022, as an ode to the players continuing this legacy, to be included in Pepsi’s Nutmeg Royale launch prior to the World Cup 2022, it was sure to be a milestone in football fashion. It’s been championed by High Snobiety as ‘a collection that wouldn't go amiss at any summer music festival or football pitch – it's color-rich and decorated with branding, resulting in pieces that could easily belong to your favorite team’

Any World Cup calls for something groundbreaking as a rule of thumb. Something nostalgic. Something that merges together stars of the past, present, and future. In that case then, why not rework versions of the AOF x Pepsi jersey as a tote and bum bag? Oh, go on then. It had to be done.

It doesn’t stop at reinventing an old classic. An iconic shirt has to be worn by an icon person. But we didn’t just get Real Madrid’s Young Player of the Season, Vini Jr involved, in a shoot that snapped fans of 2022 straight back to the noughties. We’ve seen the likes of all sorts of Pepsi ambassadors repping the shirts. Leah Williamson, Katie McCabe, Millie Bright, Mason Mount. Available on public sale, to style themselves as a player would, it brings together the talent on stage, with the fans who propel the game forward. For fans to cement themselves in the history of the game we all know and love.

Speaking on the release of AOF x Pepsi, VERUS marked it as part of AOF’s brand  ‘that taps into classic football iconography and terrace culture, while championing football as community over commodity.’

And that’s just it. A community of people in the football community, extending to both fans and players, expressing their love of the game through the AOF x Pepsi jersey. We’d crack open a Pepsi Max to that.

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